Inlet Louvers 1IL

1IL Inlet Louvers improve air flow into the cooling tower, prevent debris from entering, eliminate water splash-out (which can cause icing, near-site water damage, and costly water and water treatment chemical loss), restrict the amount of sunlight into the cooling tower (to impede algae growth), reduce noise from the tower, and improve the tower’s appearance. Applications
Inlet Louvers replace conventional cement asbestos and fiberglass blade-type inlet louvers in a wide variety of new and retrofit applications, including air inlets for both package and field-erected counter flow and straight-sided cross flow towers, fresh air make-up systems, air pollution control scrubbers, and VOC strippers.


Features and Benefits
• Constructed entirely of CTI Standard 136 PVC, for its durability, weather-resistance self-extinguishing fire characteristics
• Because of their cellular “baffle” design and black color, 1IL modules significantly block sunlight (70:1 light reduction) that promotes algae growth on the interior surfaces of the cooling tower system. This reduces the cost of algae-removal chemicals and labor and allows the tower to operate more efficiently.
• The 1IL’s baffle design also reduces noise leaving the tower through the louver modules by ≈3 decibels.

• Proprietary, engineered cellular baffling restricts splash-out, light, weather, and noise but still achieves very low pressure drop results.
• Convenient, pre-assembled modules are 1 ft (305 mm) wide, 2.5 inches (63.5 mm) deep, and available in lengths from 1 ft (305 mm) to 10 ft (3050 mm).
• To make installation easier and to allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance, the optional 100IL Assembly houses multiple 1IL modules in a single extruded PVC “frame” with mounting flanges available on 1, 2, or all 4 sides.

Product Weights & Dimensions








.015 in
(.38 mm)

1 in
(25.4 mm)

.95 lbs/ft2
(4.6 kg/m2)

2.5 in
(63.5 mm)

12 in
(305 mm)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 ft
(305, 610, 914, 1219, 1524,
1829, 2438, and 3050 mm)

1IL Cellular Inlet Louvers are constructed of UV-stabilized PVC. This compound has outstanding resistance to weather exposure and is nearly impervious to chemical degradation by alkali, acids, greases, fats, oils, and biological attack. It also has an excellent fire rating due to its self-extinguishing characteristics, and meets or exceeds Cooling Tower Institute Standard 136