We carry replacement filter for your screw compressors Oil and coalescing.

These filters are made at the same factory as the OEM’s
Call us with your requirements.

Below is a partial list of the elements that are available 


Replaces Part#


CE-FES-613C001 03000613C001 Coalescing Element
CE-FES-613C002 03000613C002 Coalescing Element (pleated)
CE-FES-613C008 03000613C008 Coalescing Element
CE-FES-613C010 03000613C010 Coalescing Element
CE-FES-65B000 0300065B000 Coalescing Element
CE-FRK-19H01 531B0019H01 Coalescing Element (spiral X)
CE-FRK-65H01 531B0065H01 Convoluted Coalescing Element.
CE-FRK-65H03 531B0065H03 Coalescing Element
CE-FRK-65H05 531B0065H05 Coalescing Element
CE-FRK-65H06 531B0065H06 Coalescing Element
CE-FRK-99H01 531B0099H01 obsolete use CE-FRK-65H01
CE-FRK-99H02 531B0099H02 Coalescing Element
CE-MM-026 055-026 16″ Coalescing Element
CE-MY-50200 P50850200 Coalescing Element
CE-MY-50202 P50850202 Coalescing Element
CE-MY-50203 P50850203 Coalescing Element
CE-MY-5803 RSC05803 Coalescing Element
CE-MY-705 RSC07705 Coalescing Element
CE-SA-44038 044038 Coalescing Element
CE-VIL-2297A 2297A Coalescing Element
CE-VIL-2297C 2297C Coalescing Element Super 16″ OD(prior to 1990)
CE-VIL-2297D 2297D Coalescing Element Super 20″, 24″ OD (prior to 1990)
CE-VIL-2297E 2297E Coalescing Element
CE-VIL-2879A 2879A Coalescing Element Super 16″ OD (1990+)
CE-VIL-2879B 2879B Coalescing Element Super 20″, 24″ OD (1990+)
CE-VIL-2879C 2879C Coalescing Element
CE-VIL-2922A 2922A Coalescing Element Super 8″ OD (1990+)
CE-VIL-2923A 2923A Coalescing Element Super 12″ OD (1990+)
CE-VIL-69203A 69203A Gasket 8″ super separator
CE-VIL-69203B 69203B Gasket 12″ super separator
CE-VIL-69203C 69203C Gasket 16″ super separator
CE-VIL-69203D 69203D Gasket 20″ super separator
gasket-93560A 93560A Gasket
OF-CU-28204 RN28204 Replacement Oil Filter
OF-FES-97A 03000097A000 Oil Filter 6″ 15 micron
OF-FES-97A-oring 520-000180-000 O ring for filter cover
OF-FRK-217H01 531A0217H01 Replacement Oil Filter
OF-FRK-218H01 531A0218H02 Replacement Super Oil Filter 15 micron (open each end)
OF-FRK-218H01-GSKT 959A0082H01 Gasket Oil Filter
OF-FRK-224H02 531A0224H02 Replacement Super Oil Filter 15 micron (closed one end)
OF-FRK-224H02-GSKT 959A0082H02 Gasket Oil Filter
OF-FRK-28H01 531A0028H01 Oil Filter 6″ 15 micron (same as 97A)
OF-FRK-28H01-GSKT 531A0205H01 Gasket Oil Filter (97A)
OF-FRK-354H02 535A0354H02 Replacement Spin On Filter Super2
OF-MY-50301 50850301 Oil Filter Element Marvel
OF-MY-FG2140-GSKT FN1401-150 Oil Strainer Gasket
OF-VIL-1833C-GSKT 35197A Gasket, oil filter
OF-VIL-3150S 3150S Oil Filter 20 micron pleated with gaskets (2ea.)