Farleys Ammonia Refrigeration Oil & Industrial Lubricants


FAROIL-68 is formulated from highly-refined and highly inert API GROUP II base oils to function under the most stringent requirements of sophisticated ammonia liquid over feed compressor systems. Besides improved system efficiency and higher productivity due to low miscibility and solubility with ammonia, the performance advantages of FAROIL-68 vs. naphthenic oils include:

  1. Drastically reduced oil carryover;
  2. Superior system cleanliness;
  3. Superior chemical and thermal stability;
  4. Enhanced wear protection;
  5. Lower foaming tendency; and
  6. Extended oil drain capability.

FAROIL-68 is well-suited for both rotary screw and reciprocating compressors in R717 service. It is guaranteed to function with evaporators operating down to –40˚F (-40˚C) with less need for hot gas defrost procedures to remove wax and deposits left by other ‘essentially” WF-Wax Free competitors. FAROIL-68 is compatible with all types of seals and O-rings used in NH3 compressors including Neoprene (chloroprene), Buna-N and NBR. FAROIL-68 is compatible with naphthenic oils, as well as PAO & AB synthetic oils, thus eliminating the need for system flushes. Simply top off with FAROIL-68 and enjoy the benefits.

FAROIL-68 is available in 5gal pails, 55gal drums
Click here for the MSDS sheet for FAROIL-68 MSDS



Farley’s Ammonia Pump Seal Lubricant

FAROIL-15 is formulated to meet the strictest ammonia transfer pump seal lubrication requirements for pumping temperatures <32ºF and 32ºF & higher. It is a 100% PAO-Polyalphaolefin synthetic sulfur-free pump seal oil that is registered H1 as an NSF food grade lubricant. FAROIL-15 optimizes low solubility and very low miscibility with R717-anhydrous ammonia along with excellent water separation (demulsibility) properties, complete inertness (low reactivity) in the presence of ammonia and excellent protection against rust, oxidation, corrosion and deposit formation. FAROIL-15 is compatible with naphthenic oils, as well as other PAO & AB synthetic oils, thus eliminating the need for system flushes or complicated conversions. Available in 1 and 5 gallon pails

Click here for the MSDS sheet for FAROIL-15 MSDS